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Why a home extension could be your ideal option

Whether you have a growing family or are looking to improve instead of move, a home extension can give you the flexibility you need.


As experts in renovations in Young and Temora we know how convenient a home extension can be.


From design to build and completion, a home extension will add value to your existing home, give you a contemporary upgrade to your property and create that space you need for your growing family.


Why renovate your home?

With the price of real estate across the country making upgrading to a new property more expensive by the day and out of reach for some people, choosing renovations in Young and Temora as your option to upgrade can meet your requirements. Whether you are creating space for children or making room for caring for family who might be moving back in, there is a home extension to suit every need. Once you discuss your requirements with our team we can guide you through the whole process from budgeting to council approvals. A renovation can modernise your home by making use of the latest technology and designs while also keeping in line with the original feel. There are some great benefits of building a new home vs renovating an existing property too.


Know your budget and add value

It’s important to know what you can spend on a home extension before you embark on a build. You don’t want to get halfway through adding a few bedrooms to your home or a granny flat only to run out of money before completion. While renovations in Young and Temora are more affordable than upgrading to a larger home, make sure you have secured finance or have enough saved up before building begins. While an initial outlay might seem like a lot of money, adding a second storey to your home could increase the value by 30-40% in some cases while an extension may only cost 10% of the home value. You may want to add a gym or entertaining area near a new pool or redesign your home completely. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas for small spaces you could consider too.


Get experts to design your home extension

Many renovations in Young and Temora focus on extra bedrooms, home offices and adding levels. By getting expert builders for your home extension you will have the freedom to redesign your entire floor plan if you wish. The price of electricity and home efficiency is also at the front of mind with many customers so adding that to your plans could also be beneficial in the long run by saving you money and adding value to your home. Many builders have a green focus and using an extension to bring your whole home into line is a great opportunity.


A home extension can be a quicker and much more convenient way of making improvements to your home so talk to an expert today. Call BFC Building Group on (02) 6382 6360.


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