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Benefits of building a new home vs renovating an existing property

Whether you should renovate or rebuild can be a difficult decision and it’s usually based on what best meets your needs and your budget.


As experts in renovations and building new homes in Young and Temora, we can discuss the benefits and requirements with our customers before drawing up plans and getting on with the job.


Both options can add value to your home and make it more modern and practical. You may be looking to update your floor plan or build an extension. You might want a whole new kitchen and bathroom but love everything else about your home. Maybe it’s too small or too old and it’s easier to knock it down and start again. Whatever your needs, let’s take a look at the benefits and whether to renovate or rebuild.


Benefits of renovation

Renovations and additions to your home can improve the layout, energy and water efficiency of your home, making use of the latest technologies to save you money in the long run.


Getting it done faster: while building new homes in Young and Temora can result in a state of the art modern home, when deciding whether to renovate or rebuild, time can be a factor too. Many people have deadlines. Maybe it’s a new job or new baby on the way, maybe you’re downsizing or are looking to sell the home after adding some value. A renovation is likely to be completed faster mainly because it’s usually one or two rooms being worked on.


Keep original feel or layout: Whether to renovate or rebuild can be a very emotional decision as there is usually some sentimentality involved in existing homes. They are part of a family’s memories. A renovation can keep the original feel of the home while modernising its features. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most common renovations because they date every few decades as technology, styles and designs change. Years ago it was all about coloured benches and tiles. Now it’s black and white contrasts.


Approvals: A renovation is likely to be passed through council or not even require approval at all compared to a new home build. So that saves you time and money with applications and can get the job starting faster.


Benefits of a new home


It’s new: It sounds simple but sometimes new is best. Older homes tend to have more issues with plumbing and waterproofing, electrical wiring can become dangerous and it may even be riddled with asbestos. If you love your block of land but want a new home, it’s the perfect option.


Designs: Modern homes have much more flexibility in designs and can accommodate most requirements people have. Whether to renovate or rebuild can also be determined by the limitations your current home has. Many older homes weren’t built with sufficient storage, for example. Maybe your family has outgrown it or your situation has changed.


Efficiency: One of the biggest reasons people rebuild is to make their homes more energy efficient to keep them cool in summer and warmer in winter without the need for using too much energy or water, especially for new homes in Young and Temora.


Whatever your reason to renovate or rebuild, make sure you talk to an expert. Give BFC Building Group a call today on (02) 6382 6360.

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