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Kitchen renovation ideas for small spaces

While we tend to think of kitchens as large spaces with modern appliances and a lot of storage, there are also some great options for small areas.

Making use of space is critical in small kitchen design generally and while you may not have room for an island bench or integrated dishwasher system, kitchen renovations don’t have to be a headache.

Don’t waste space

While it seems obvious, you should have a think about what is most functional in a small kitchen renovation and build from there. You definitely need a sink, storage cupboards and bench space. Maybe instead of a large oven or microwave, you can use a convection oven or a cooktop with only a few burners? Fridge space is critical but maybe there is a way to feature that out of the kitchen area if your space is focused on a small kitchen renovation. All of these things can be considered by experts to meet your needs.

It needs to be functional 

Dishwashers can be a single drawer or 450mm wide instead of the standard 600mm and dining rooms can even be incorporated into the kitchen design to create more space for your living area. It ultimately has to meet your needs. That’s why it’s really important to work with an expert who can point out ways to save on space and give ideas on the latest appliance options. A small kitchen renovation can use drawers for storing cookware and crockery instead of cupboards or cabinets. Shelving can be used as storage to negate the need for excess cupboards if space is restricted for cookbooks or kettles and toasters.

Adding value to your home

Despite space restrictions, a small kitchen renovation can add value to your property in the long run. Any new functional addition to your home is likely to impress buyers. It’s even a great way to upgrade tired plumbing and electrical work. Putting in a few new lights and efficient plumbing is a win for any buyer. It’s a few things they don’t have to worry about when moving in.

Get professionals in

While it may be tempting to attempt a small kitchen renovation yourself, even getting it wrong at the design phase can result in disaster. Something as basic as ensuring your stove and sink aren’t too close together on a bench matter. That’s what professionals are for. They can lead the way from concept to completion.

BFC Building Group specialises in home building and kitchen renovations of any size. Our family company is run by Brad and Fay Cross and we’re proud to support the local communities of Temora, Parkes and Young. Call our friendly staff on (02) 6382 6360 to discuss your kitchen renovation today.

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