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Things to consider before a kitchen renovation

Renovating your kitchen can modernise your home and add value to your most important investment so what should you think about before embarking on the project?

As with many home makeovers, a kitchen renovation can solve problems in your house by creating more space, making use of the latest technology and appliances, or just giving it a fresher look. A new kitchen also doesn’t mean you have to completely change the look and feel of your home as bespoke designs can match the existing style.

Time to upgrade your kitchen?

There are many reasons you may want a new kitchen. Maybe the plumbing is dated or having some leaking issues, maybe the cupboards are damaged, falling apart or faded. Perhaps you’re just tired of the colour. Modern kitchen designs mean a revamped space can seamlessly integrate new appliances or even change colour themes while maintaining the original layout. The main question to ask is “what am I trying to achieve?

Why renovate your kitchen?

Is your kitchen too dark? Are the cabinets too small and collect dust on the top? Most people renovate to stay or renovate to leave. That is, deciding on whether you want your kitchen renovated to be more functional for you or does it need broad appeal for buyers?

If you are going to stay in your home for many years, think about how you store your plates, pots, glassware and appliances. You may want to change from cupboards to deep pullout drawers. You probably need a bigger sink. Maybe you want to display your prized silverware in glass door cupboards with downlights. If you have a young family, you may need to think about safety first so your children can’t open cutlery drawers or turn on a stove.

Common kitchen renovation mistakes

  • Trying to DIY when you aren’t qualified to do so
  • Not making the best use of the space
  • Using cheap appliances
  • Not creating enough storage
  • Wasted space (above cabinets in particular)
  • Poor lighting & not enough power points
  • Overusing colour

Does a kitchen renovation increase property value?

When you look to buy a home, you consider many things but having a functional and well-designed kitchen is at the top of the list. An amazing kitchen renovated well can be the centrepiece of home and really make a potential buyer fall in love with your property, especially as more people are spending a lot more time at home in recent times.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Kitchen renovations vary and depend on size, the quality of the finish and fittings and what appliances you are upgrading. It is advised to use the best quality you can afford and to have an expert manage the project.

BFC Building Group specialises in home building and kitchen renovations. Run by Brad and Fay Cross, BFC prides itself on providing high-quality work for the locals and surrounds of Temora, Parkes and Young. Call our friendly staff on (02) 6382 6360 to have a chat about your building and renovation needs.

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