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How to decide on your most suited house design

New home designs need to factor in a range of options for buyers from the number of bedrooms, the size and type of living spaces, and entertaining areas.

House design is one of the most important decisions you need to make when building on a block of land. You may even fall in love with new home designs before you look for a block to build on. So it’s great to know what you need, how much you can spend and a few basics when it comes to building – like maximising light and living space.

BFC Building Group has a number of new home designs to meet your requirements, from our Abercrombie, which is a contemporary single storey home with ensuite and open plan living, to our larger Murrumbidgee and Murray new home designs which offer more spacious living areas and a double garage.

Deciding on the floor plan in your house design is the best way to ensure your home has the best chance of making use of the aspect of the block, the sunlight and giving you enough space for furniture.

House design errors

Eyes bigger than bank balance: It’s vital to have your finances sorted before looking at a house design so you know what falls within your budget. There is no point opting for five-bedroom, double-storey new home designs if your finance allows for a single storey home with three bedrooms. So make a list, and check it twice. What are your minimum requirements? What is important to you? Do you spend most of the time dining outdoors? Do you need more indoor living space? Do you love entertaining and having barbecues? Will you need room for a pool? It’s best to know your house design budget before you begin the process.

Not thinking about the future: While it may seem practical right now, not all new home designs may suit your needs in the future. How long will you be living at the property? Will you need to cater for children or grandchildren? What are the best options for the home design if you are looking to sell it in the future? The new owners might want to fit a king bed in their master bedroom. You might want to upgrade your lounge suite and require more space in certain areas of the home.

Making use of the land and light: As more of us focus on energy efficiency, it’s important to choose new home designs that capitalise on letting as much light as possible into your home, while incorporating other features within the house design. Choosing the right block of land that faces north will give you a natural aspect to improve energy efficiency and capture light and warmth in winter.

BFC Building Group house design features a number of options that can meet your needs. As a family-owned business, we know what is important to you and have the experience to make it happen. Call us today on (02) 6282 6360 to have a chat about our new home designs in Young and Temora.

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