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First time home builder checklist and considerations

Building a house is one of the biggest investments we are likely to make and while it might seem scary at first, preparation is key. First time builders might be unsure about where to begin when embarking on such a milestone journey—so, to help you out, we have put together a checklist of what you need to consider below.

Set goals

Home construction is a life-changing event. Will this be your first home? Is this your forever home? What are you looking to achieve as a first time home builder? Are you building within your means? Have you found the right suburb? How long you plan to be in the house or whether you plan to use it as an investment will have a bearing on how your goals will be achieved. Will you want the best furnishings and the latest in technology? Do you have other requirements for mobility or will you want an extra garage? It all matters and you need to have an idea of what you want before you set off on your home construction adventure.

Get your finances in order

One of the most important components of being a first time home builder is ensuring you secure enough of the most appropriate finance. How much have you been pre-approved to spend by the bank? Do you need finance? Is someone going guarantor? Will you need to make use of various grants offered by different state governments? A first time home builder will likely be paying in instalments or upfront so having finance secured for the entire process is a must.

Where do you want to live?

If this is a family home? What areas are appealing to you? Do you need playgrounds and access to childcare or are you after a quiet retreat out of town? Location of your home construction will also be dictated by budget, where you work, transport and planned developments. Will there be an airport or highway built nearby within 20 years? Would you prefer to be closer to schools and hospitals or shopping centres and cinemas?

How to choose a builder

Choose a first time home builder who has a successful track record of managing everything that comes with home construction. Have a look at previous projects and make sure your needs can be met. Ask for any references they may have and check out their website for any previous jobs or examples of work. Go and look at their completed jobs. Builders manage the entire home construction project so it’s important you choose someone you can trust and rely on.

At BFC Building Group, we pride ourselves on our work. We are a family-owned business with decades of experience as first time home builders across numerous council areas. Give us a call today on (02) 6282 6360 to discuss your home build.

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